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September RAP

Aloha MES parents!

This past September, the PTO RAP (Reading as Partners) committee invited the entire Moanalua Elementary School community to participate in our Reading as Partners (RAP) program. I am so excited to report that 86.4% of our student body, or 564 students turned in a RAP Report this past month! I think it is really special to see an entire community gather together to discuss a book they read this past month. Thank you so much for your participation and enthusiasm!

Throughout the day, we have seen curious students (and proud parents, grandparents, and teachers) visit the bulletin board to check out their fellow students’ work. If you have an opportunity, please visit the bulletin boards located outside the kindergarten building and the library and marvel at our school’s colorful mosaic of book reports. There are so many hardworking and creative students at Moanalua Elementary!

Our RAP reviewers also selected seven of the best RAP reports for each grade level for the web.

For Kindergarten – Avalyeen- Marie K. from K4 (Mrs. Muraoka) read Bunny’s Noisy Book written by Margaret Wise Brown and drew a picture of a bunny for her report.


For 1st Grade – Ethan C. from A1 (Miss Nirei) read Field Trip to the Moon by John Hare and created a diorama of a student astronaut interacting with aliens who are drawing with his crayons.


For 2nd Grade – Jazpher G. from B4 (Maestra Gonzales) read Mind Your Manners BB Wolf by Judy Sierra and created a 3D exhibit featuring BB Wolf singing a manners song.


For 3rd Grade – Roxzia T. (Mrs. Suehiro) read How to Code: Book 2 by Max Wainewright and drew a diagram explaining how to create a drum machine by combining sound effects with loops.


For 4th Grade – Kalis P. from B10 (Mrs. Fujiwara) read Roller Girl by Victoria Jamieson and created a 3D exhibit showing how Astrid wanted to be just like Rainbow Bite and decides to join a roller derby team.

For 5th Grade – Gia H. from A6 (Mrs. Isaacs) read The Tree Lady by H. Joseph Hopkins and wrote and illustrated a report about Kate Sessions, who was famous for planting millions of trees in San Diego.

For 6th Grade – Chloe A. from P2
(Ms. Pontes) read Esperanza Rising by Pam Munoz Ryan and created a report discussing how she learned that “no matter how poor you are, as long as you are with your loved ones, you are the wealthiest.”

This month, we had a lot of students who submitted 3D exhibits! They are displayed inside the MES library. Or click on the following:
3D-1      3D-2      3D-3      3D-4

Finally, here are some fun and pretty impressive statistics worth noting:

  • The 5th grade classes and teachers scored 100% participation! Congratulations to Mrs. Isaacs (A6) Ms. Wright (B1), and Ms. Salas (B6) and their hardworking students!
  • The PreK/Kindergarten class scored 96% participation! Congratulations to Ms. Eckert (K5), Mrs. Teruya (K1), Mrs. Messer K2), Mrs. Wong (K3) and Mrs. Muraoka (K4) and their hardworking students!
  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade students all scored 85% and above participation in their grade levels!
  • The following teachers and their students scored 100% and above: Ms. Eckert (K5), Mrs. Teruya (K1), Mrs. Wong (K3), Mrs. Muraoka (K4), Mrs. Shiroma (A3), Mrs. Suehiro (A9), Mrs. Isaacs (A6), Ms. Wright (B1), Ms. Salas (B6) and Ms. Pontes (P2).

The prizes this month are Iwako erasers brought here from Japan by Mrs. Joyce Yoshimoto. Thank you, Joyce! If you would like to donate items such as stickers for student RAP reports or prizes, please let us know at

That is all for this month! October RAP Coupons should already be in your child’s homework folders. You can also download RAP Coupons at .