Reading As Partners

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Welcome back!! We are so excited about starting up our RAP (Reading as Partners) program again!! The RAP reading program is run by PTO volunteers with support from our MES teachers in a mutual effort to encourage our young readers to read books both inside and outside of the classroom!

Starting in September, we will be giving out RAP forms with a reading theme for each month. Students will be asked to find a book on the topic and read it. Once they have finished reading their book, they can fill out their RAP form and return it to their teacher before the end of that month. Reading prizes will be given out to students who read a book and complete their RAP form!

The RAP reports will also be posted on the bulletin board outside the library. This will give each student a chance to check out what other students have read! We may also share
selected RAP reports on our MES PTO social media accounts.  Please note that due to student privacy rules, we can only share your child’s RAP form when it is signed by a

You can also give us permission to share your child’s RAP forms for SY 2023-2024 by filling out this Google form.

This program is voluntary but we highly encourage participation! Reading is more fun when others join in too!! For more helpful information on the benefits of helping your child read, you can visit

Who can I contact if I have questions?

Email the RAP committee with questions:


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