Reading As Partners

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Hello MES Families and Friends!!
Reading As Partners is back and we are going VIRTUAL!
Here at Moanalua Elementary, our PTO has a long and

special history of working with the school and our
parents in encouraging our young students to read.

What is the Reading As Partners (RAP) program?

Every year, with the support of the MES Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) and the help of dedicated volunteers and teachers, the Reading As Partner (RAP) Committee runs a reading program that encourages students and their partners to join together for the love of reading and literacy. Specifically, RAP seeks to encourage students to 1) read together with a partner for a positive reading experience and 2) read many different literary genres so they can gain a wide range of knowledge through the power of reading. Students will also receive a reading prize each month as an incentive to keep reading.  Click here to watch a video explaining more.

How does the RAP program work?

Here is how the program works:

  1. Every month, there will be a different reading theme.  Students will read a book in that particular genre.  The assigned reading categories in the past have included Science, Non-Fiction, Award-Winning, Arts and Recreation and Poetry. Genre will be emailed every month

  2. Once your child is finished reading their book, they can decide what they would like to do for their book project.  They can use a RAP Report form to draw or write a report about the person they read about.  They can also choose to do a podcast, a video or a 3D project about their biography.  We just want your child to enjoy telling us about the book they read!

  3. All of the projects will be posted on our virtual RAP Bulletin Board.  You can either submit the project directly to the website (the bulletin board link changes every month, so please fill out a google doc form so that you can be on the email list) or you can email it to us at and we can post it for you

  4. Every month, we will also give out a prize to each student who completes a RAP Report! 

NOTE: If your child needs a book, they can borrow a book from the Salt Lake/Moanalua Public Library or any other branch library. The Salt Lake/Moanalua Public Library hours are posted on their website here.

How do I signup for the RAP program?

You need to fill out the following online form. The information provided on this form will help us keep track of students who are participating. It will also help us know where to send their prizes. In addition, every month you will receive a copy of the RAP Report form and a link to that month’s reading theme page.

Who can I contact if I have questions?

Email the RAP committee with questions:

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