February RAP

Greetings! Another freezing cold month has passed! This presents a perfect opportunity to stay inside with lots of layers on, read a book and work on RAP reports. Apparently 521 out of 663 students or 78.65% at MES did so last month. While the needle hasn’t moved very far from last month’s statistic of a 78.9% participation rate — quite a few teachers, parents and the students have been holding the fort steady. Let’s see the results.

Classes with a 100% participation rate include:
PS/Kindergarten: K1 (Mrs. Wong), K3 (Ms. Ahmed), K4 (Mrs. Muraoka)
Grade 1: A2 (Mrs. Goo), A3 (Mrs. Shiroma), A4 (Ms. Hazekamp)
Grade 5: A6 (Mrs. Isaacs), B1 (Mrs. Chinen)

There are 3 classes that missed by 2:
K: K2 (Ms. Uyeda)
Grade 5: B6 (Ms. Salas)
Grade 6: P2 (Ms. Pontes)

And 2 classes that missed by just 3:
PS: K5 (Mrs. Garcia)
Grade 6: P3 (Mrs. Akau)

Statistics alone are not enough to describe some of the outstanding work that we have seen.  Please check out some of their best work on the bulletin board. You can also see a picture of each grade level’s RAP of the month in this email. Congratulations to these hardworking students!

This is a very short school month with spring break coming up. There’s approximately 7 school days left to turn in your RAP. Students, please consider working on your RAP and turning it in early. Spring break is also a great time to read a book and make something wonderful to show us when you return!

Extra RAP forms can be found at https://moanaluapto.org/reading-as-partners/.

Have a great spring break!

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