February RAP

OMG!  Time is just flying by.  We just completed the 3rd semester. This is how we did for the month of February.  There was a drastic drop in the number of participating students.  Five hundred fifty one (551) out of 654 participated for 84%, down from 91% last month.  There were 8 classes who had 100%; 2 classes with just one non-participant; 3 classes each for 2-3 non-participants.  A record number of 12 classes had 4 or more non-participants.

100% participation classes:  Grade PS/K:  Room K5 (Ms. Wong); K1 (Mrs. Teruya); and K-4 (Mrs. Muraoka).  Grade 1:  Room A2 (Mrs. Goo) & A3 (Mrs. Shiroma).  Grade 2:  Room B3 (Mrs. Imai).  Grade 4:  Room B8 (Ms. Gamiao).  Grade 6:  Room P3 (Mrs. Akau).

Missed by 1:  Grade 5:  Room B1 (Mrs. Chinen).  Grade 6:  Room P2 (Mrs. Pontes).

Missed by 2:  Grade K:  Room K2 (Ms. Uyeda).  Grade 3:  Room A8 (Mrs. Kiriu).  Grade 4:  Room B10 (Mrs. Fujiwara).

Missed by 3:  Grade 1:  Room A5 (Mrs. Lau).  Grade 3:  Room A10 (Mr. Boll).  Grade 5:  Room A1 (Ms. Bayuden).

There will be just two more months of RAP.  Let’s hope we can go out with record numbers.  Have a wonderful Spring Break!


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