December/January RAP

Happy New Year & Kung Hee Fat Choy!  The Year of the Dog.  Here’s hoping that 2018 will be an auspicious one for RAP.  I believe we are on track to be successful.  We had 590 students (91%) doing their RAP for the combined months of Dec & Jan with 12 classes having 100% participation.

  • PS/Kindergarten:  Room K3 (Mrs. Briggs), K4 (Mrs. Muraoka), and K5 (Ms. Wong). 
  • 1st grade:  Room A2 (Mrs. Goo), A3 (Mrs. Shiroma), and A4 (Ms. Hazekamp). 
  • Grade 2:  Room B3 (Mrs. Imai) and B5 (Ms. Evans). 
  • Grade 4:  Room B8 (Ms. Gamiao) and B10 (Mrs. Fujiwara). 
  • Grade 6: Room P1 (Mr.Dumlao) and P2 (Ms. Pontes). 

For the 1st semester (Sep – Jan) there were 458 students (73%) who did all their RAP’s with five classes having 100% participation.

  • PS/Kindergarten:  Room K4 (Mrs. Muraoka) and K5 (Ms. Wong). 
  • Grade 1:  Room A2 (Mrs. Goo) and A3 (Mrs. Shiroma). 
  • 2nd grade: Room B3 (Mrs. Imai). 

Congratulations to all the teachers and students! 

Now comes the challenging part.   There are many students who love to do their RAP every month and it shows in their work.  Some even go the extra mile to do dioramas.  We have some great artists and if they would color their work it would be outstanding.   For many others, a little more creativity in writing and drawing would show that they take pride in doing awesome work!  Parents, please encourage your children to do their best.