October 2017 RAP

Hope you all had a nice Fall Break.  I did.  I took a 2-week trip to Japan where I picked up some neat prizes for RAP.  Unfortunately I was disappointed to see the slow start we are having with RAP this school year. Last school year we started with 95% participation.  For September we had 88% and October we went down to 84%.  What is causing this problem?  Unfortunately in looking at the statistics I find that the problem may be with our new teachers who need to encourage our students a little more.  Parents, please do your part too.  I know the teachers say that it’s written in the students’ planners that RAP is due and yet many children do not do it.  Our lower-grade students are young and need the help of our parents.

 Here are the stats for September and October:

 100% Participation:

September:  10 classes:  Gr K/PS:  Room K5 (Ms. Wong); K4 (Mrs. Muraoka).  Gr 1:  Room A2 (Mrs. Goo); A3 (Mrs. Shiroma).  Gr 2:  Room B2 (Mrs. Alvarez); B3 (Mrs. Imai); B5 (Ms. Evans).  Gr 4:  Room B8 (Ms. Gamiao – new teacher); B10 (Mrs. Fujiwara).  Gr 6:  Room P4 (Ms. Balles).

 October:  7 classes:  Gr PS/K:  Room K5 (Ms. Wong); K1 (Mrs. Teruya); K4 (Mrs. Muraoka).  Gr 1:  Room A3 (Mrs. Shiroma).  Gr 2:  Room B3 (Mrs. Imai); B4 (Mrs. Suehiro).  Gr 6:  Room P2 (Ms. Pontes)

Missed by 1:

September:  4 classes:  Gr 2:  Room B4 (Mrs. Suehiro).  Gr 4:  Room B9 (Mrs. Vincent).  Gr 5:  Room A6 (Mrs. Isaacs); B1 (Mrs. Chinen)

 October:  2 classes:  Gr 2:  Room B2 (Mrs. Alvarez).  Gr 4:  Room B8 (Ms. Gamiao)

 Missed by 2

September:  7 classes:  Gr K:  Room K1 (Mrs. Teruya).  Gr 1:  Room A5 (Mrs. Lau).  Gr 3:  Room A8 (Mrs. Kiriu); A10 (Mr. Boll). Gr 5:  Room B6 (Ms. Encomienda). Grade 6:  Room P1 (Mr. Dumlao); P2 (Ms. Pontes)

October :  7 classes:  Gr 2:  Room B2 (Mrs. Alvarez); B5 (Ms. Evans).  Gr 3:  Room A7 (Mrs. Sumida).  Gr 4:  Room B8 (Ms. Gamiao).  Gr 5:  Room B1 (Mrs. Chinen).  Gr 6:  Room P3 (Mrs. Akau); P4 (Ms. Balles).

Missed by 3:

September:  1 class:  Gr 6:  Room P3 (Mrs. Akau)

 October:  2 classes:  Gr 1:  Room A2 (Mrs. Goo).  Gr 5:  Room B6 (Ms. Encomienda)

 In September there were 6 classes who missed by 4 or more (some as many as 13 & 10 students).  For October there were 10 classes who missed by 4 or more (1 class missed by 19 with only 9 participating).

Let’s do our best and have a better showing in November.  The prize for this month is the Japanese eraser.  November’s prize will be the Japanese Memo/Post-it Marker.  Happy Thanksgiving!