April RAP & Mahalo

The end has come to the Let’s RAP Program for SY 2016-2017 and what a year it has been!  The participation has been outstanding.  Every month except for this last month we had percentage in the 90’s.  We started out the first month of September with 95% and the students continued to do their RAP pretty consistently.  April was the exception with 535 of out 629 students participating (85%).  There were 12 classes with 100%.  For the second semester there were 483 students who did their RAP for February, March, and April.  And finally for the entire school year there were 448 students who did their RAP every single month.  Just awesome!!  I’m sure there are students who did their RAP from the time they started MES and now are graduating; one being my grandson Colin Shimabukuro.

Please let me know (by May 19th) if you child has done his/her RAP for 7 consecutive years. Thank you students, parents, and especially teachers who encouraged their students.

The 12 classes who had 100% participation are:
* Grade PS/K:  Room K5 (Ms. Wong); K1 (Mrs. Teruya) and K4 (Mrs. Muraoka).  K4 had 100% for the 2nd semester and year.
* Grade 1:  Room A2 (Mrs. Goo), A3 (Mrs. Shiroma), and A5 (Mrs. Lau).  A2 and A3 had 100% for 2nd semester.
* Grade 2:  Room B3 (Mrs. Imai) and B5 (Ms. Evans).  B3 had 100% for 2nd semester and year.
* Grade 4:  Room B7 (Mrs. Arai-Shiraishi) and B9 (Ms. Boushey).  B7 had 100% for 2nd semester and year.
* Grade 5:  Room A1 (Ms. Yamashiro) and B1 (Mrs. Chinen).  B1 had 100% for 2nd semester and year.

At this time I would like to thank the wonderful volunteers who made this program a big success.  There was a very quick turn-around from the time the teachers turned in their envelopes to the time the students got their prizes and RAP got posted on the bulletin boards.  Thank you to the reviewers:  Grade PS/K – Mrs. Karen Tengan; Grade 1 – Mrs. Esther Hayashi; Grade 2 – Mrs. Kathy Shojinaga (grandson Kyler); Grade 3 – Mrs. Eloree Amian (son Adam); Grade 4 – Ms. Rose Leong; Grade 5 – Mrs. Chio Matsudo (sons Brison and Bright); and Grade 6 – Mrs. Dariann Fernandez (son Kyler).  Four of the volunteer reviewers have no children in the school but have been reviewing for many years.  Thank  you to Mr. Steve Karimoto (grandkids Nate & Lia Choi) for doing the bulletin board posting and Mrs.Clara Hanakawa (grandkids Kairi and Sage Hanakawa) for doing the prize distribution.  Also assisting were Mrs. Jackie Law (son Harrison), Mrs. Sharon Fang, and Mrs. Vivian Ma (son Eric Sun).  A very big Mahalo to these volunteers who work under strict deadlines imposed by me.  We look forward to another great year.  If you are interested in helping with this program, please contact me Joyce Yoshimoto.