September RAP

Welcome back to the  Let’s RAP Program.  We started the school year off with a big bang.  Out of 639 students, 608 students did their RAP with only 31 not participating.  Parents, did your child do his/her RAP?  Want to give a big shout out to the students and teachers who had 100% participation.  Awesome Job!!   We can get 100% participation from each class since there are only a few who did not participate.  What are the reasons?  I lost my paper, I did not get a signature, I forgot to do it.

100% Participation:

  • Gr. PS, Rm. K5 (Ms. Wong)
  • Gr. K:  Rm. K1 (Mrs. Teruya); Rm. K2 (Mrs. Hale); Rm. K3 (Ms. Ahmed); Rm. K4 (Mrs. Muraoka) – 100% Grade Participation
  • Gr. 1:   Rm. A2 (Mrs. Goo); Rm. A3 (Mrs. Shiroma); Rm. A4 (Mrs. Oribio)
  • Gr.  2:  Rm. B3 (Mrs. Imai)
  • Gr. 4:  Rm. B7 (Mrs. Arai-Shiraishi); Rm. B8 (Ms. Encomienda); Rm. B9 (Mrs. Boushey); Rm. B10 (Ms. Kanetake) – 100% Grade Participation
  • Gr. 5:  Rm. A1 (Ms. Yamashiro); Rm. A6 (Mrs. Isaacs); Rm. B1 (Mrs. Chinen)
  • Gr. 6:  Rm. P2 (Ms. Pontes); Rm. P3 (Ms. Hayashikawa)

Missed by 1:

  • Gr. 2:  Rm. B5 (Ms. Evans)
  • Gr. 3:  Rm. A9 (Mrs. Alvarez)

Missed by 2:

  • Gr. 1:  Rm. A5 (Mrs. Lau)
  • Gr. 5:  Rm. B6 (Mrs. Ahana)
  • Gr. 6:  Rm. P1 (Mr. Dumlao)

A big Mahalo to the reviewers who have only the weekend to review; Grandpa Steve for posting to the bulletin board; and Super Volunteers for distributing prizes and envelopes back to the classes.  Next RAP is due Oct. 25.