Thank you for Supporting the Wild West Book Fair!

Thank you for volunteering and supporting the Wild West Book Fair!  I hope everyone was able to find great books to read and enjoy!  The students seemed to be really excited about the variety of books in the fair! We were able to raise $3536.74 with everyone’s support!  All Proceeds will be going towards purchasing new books for our library!  Thank you again!!!

Winners of Fall Fundraiser and Winter & Upcoming Fundraisers

Fall Fundraiser raised a total of $6,225.83 [$4,807.00 (JJ cards and 7-Eleven books) + $1,418.83 (Foodland Give Aloha)]  Mahalo to all of our MES families who generously donated to Foodland!

CONGRATULATIONS! Winners of the Fall Fundraiser were announced at the All-School GLO award assembly on Wed, Oct 25.  Thank you to Ms. Audrey for allowing PTO 5 mins during the assembly.

Top Seller ($250 cash):

Zachary Yeung-Yang

Grade 1, Class A2

Sold a total of 120 items

2nd Place ($100 cash):

Tyke Sakumoto

Grade 2, Class B5

Sold 64 items and donated $25 to PTO

3rd Place ($50 cash):

Caleb Nakamoto

Grade 5, Class A1

Sold 37 items and made a Foodland Give Aloha donation of $125

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MES PTO Winter Fundraiser is coming up (right after Fun Fair).  Flier will go out on Nov 20. Details:

Selling Samurai `Elima Snack Packs (2 options), Da Hawaiian Poke Company Smoked Ahi Dip 8 oz. tickets and D&B cards in $10 and $20 denominations. All great for Christmas gifts. Winter fundraiser sale dates are Nov 20 – Dec 1.  Smoked Ahi Dip tickets and D&B cards will be distributed through the classrooms on Mon, Dec 11. Snack packs can be picked up on Tue, Dec 12 at the 6th grade Gingerbread decorating event in the cafeteria from 5:30-7:30pm.

Other upcoming fundraisers:

Thurs, Nov 9 – 4th grade McTeacher’s Night (Salt Lake McDonald’s) 4p-7p

Fri, Nov 17 – MES Fun Fair 2p-8p (please volunteer)

Tue, Dec 12 – 6th grade Gingerbread decorating event in MES Café (5:30pm-7:30pm)

Please email for more information.


Fun Fair Donations Critically Low

Thank you to all who have already donated.  More donations are needed to ensure that Fun Fair 2017 is successful and help raise funds to continue PTO Programs that benefit MES students.

The following are still needed and can be dropped off on the cafeteria stage until Nov. 15th:

49 cases of Bottled Water (16 oz)

33 cases of Canned Soda  

41 cases of Canned Juice  

October 2017 RAP

Hope you all had a nice Fall Break.  I did.  I took a 2-week trip to Japan where I picked up some neat prizes for RAP.  Unfortunately I was disappointed to see the slow start we are having with RAP this school year. Last school year we started with 95% participation.  For September we had 88% and October we went down to 84%.  What is causing this problem?  Unfortunately in looking at the statistics I find that the problem may be with our new teachers who need to encourage our students a little more.  Parents, please do your part too.  I know the teachers say that it’s written in the students’ planners that RAP is due and yet many children do not do it.  Our lower-grade students are young and need the help of our parents.

 Here are the stats for September and October:

 100% Participation:

September:  10 classes:  Gr K/PS:  Room K5 (Ms. Wong); K4 (Mrs. Muraoka).  Gr 1:  Room A2 (Mrs. Goo); A3 (Mrs. Shiroma).  Gr 2:  Room B2 (Mrs. Alvarez); B3 (Mrs. Imai); B5 (Ms. Evans).  Gr 4:  Room B8 (Ms. Gamiao – new teacher); B10 (Mrs. Fujiwara).  Gr 6:  Room P4 (Ms. Balles).

 October:  7 classes:  Gr PS/K:  Room K5 (Ms. Wong); K1 (Mrs. Teruya); K4 (Mrs. Muraoka).  Gr 1:  Room A3 (Mrs. Shiroma).  Gr 2:  Room B3 (Mrs. Imai); B4 (Mrs. Suehiro).  Gr 6:  Room P2 (Ms. Pontes)

Missed by 1:

September:  4 classes:  Gr 2:  Room B4 (Mrs. Suehiro).  Gr 4:  Room B9 (Mrs. Vincent).  Gr 5:  Room A6 (Mrs. Isaacs); B1 (Mrs. Chinen)

 October:  2 classes:  Gr 2:  Room B2 (Mrs. Alvarez).  Gr 4:  Room B8 (Ms. Gamiao)

 Missed by 2

September:  7 classes:  Gr K:  Room K1 (Mrs. Teruya).  Gr 1:  Room A5 (Mrs. Lau).  Gr 3:  Room A8 (Mrs. Kiriu); A10 (Mr. Boll). Gr 5:  Room B6 (Ms. Encomienda). Grade 6:  Room P1 (Mr. Dumlao); P2 (Ms. Pontes)

October :  7 classes:  Gr 2:  Room B2 (Mrs. Alvarez); B5 (Ms. Evans).  Gr 3:  Room A7 (Mrs. Sumida).  Gr 4:  Room B8 (Ms. Gamiao).  Gr 5:  Room B1 (Mrs. Chinen).  Gr 6:  Room P3 (Mrs. Akau); P4 (Ms. Balles).

Missed by 3:

September:  1 class:  Gr 6:  Room P3 (Mrs. Akau)

 October:  2 classes:  Gr 1:  Room A2 (Mrs. Goo).  Gr 5:  Room B6 (Ms. Encomienda)

 In September there were 6 classes who missed by 4 or more (some as many as 13 & 10 students).  For October there were 10 classes who missed by 4 or more (1 class missed by 19 with only 9 participating).

Let’s do our best and have a better showing in November.  The prize for this month is the Japanese eraser.  November’s prize will be the Japanese Memo/Post-it Marker.  Happy Thanksgiving!