April RAP

Greetings!  Welcome to the last RAP report of the year.  With the end of the year, comes many impressive accomplishments as well as farewells.  It is our hope that you will take the time to  read to the very bottom as we would like to honor the many students, their partners and volunteers who worked really hard on the RAP program this past year.

For the month of April, there are 8 classes who achieved a 100% participation rate.

Grade K: Mrs. Wong (K1), Mrs. Muraoka (K4), Mrs. Messer (P6); Grade 1: Mrs. Goo (A2), Mrs. Shiroma (A3), Ms. Hazekamp (A4); Grade 3: Mrs. Kiriu (A8) and Grade 5: Mrs. Isaacs (A6).

Please check out our selected best RAPs of the month at the end of this report!

For the second semester we have 412 students who finished all of their RAP reports for the second semester!  These are the 6 classes who achieved a 100% participation rate.

Grade K: Mrs. Wong (K1), Mrs. Muraoka (K4); Grade 1:  Mrs. Goo (A2), Mrs. Shiroma (A3),  Mrs. Hazekamp (A4) and Grade 5: Mrs. Isaacs (A6).

There are also 360 students who read and finished all 7 of their RAP reports for the year!  The three classes who had 100% participation and completed their RAP all year include: Mrs. Wong (Kindergarten K1), Mrs. Goo (First Grade A2) and Mrs. Isaacs (Fifth Grade A6).

Finally, here is the very impressive list of 12 6th graders who completed every single RAP from Kindergarten to Sixth Grade.  

These sixth-graders are:  Room P1:  Grace M., Michann A.; Room P2:  Anela P., Brison M., Kaitlyn K., Kristel E., Luke R.; Room P3:  Adam A., Shaeann A.; Room P4: Calista Ann B., Kara M., and Mia J.

Congratulations to ALL of the students who worked hard on their RAP throughout the year!  Reading is a life skill and it is our pleasure to work together with all the parents, teachers and volunteers to help MES students discover the joys and rewards of reading.

With the end of the year, there are many wonderful and loyal partners and volunteers we would like to thank.  We cannot emphasize enough how much the program have thrived for many years because of their love and support for the program.

Please extend a big mahalo to Mrs. Tonaki, our MES librarian, who not only taught students how to use our school library but also reminded, encouraged and directed students to books in the library that they could use to fulfill that month’s RAP report.  MES is truly fortunate to have her as our school librarian.  We would also like to thank our team of reviewers who read every single students’ RAP and either selected them for posting on the bulletin board and/or gave positive feedback to each student.  They are Mrs. Karen Tengan, Mrs. Joyce Yoshimoto, Mrs. Rose Leong, Mrs. Anne Lee (son Ethan, daughter Sophia), Mrs. Eloree Amian (son Adam), Mrs. Dawn Yoshimura (son Xavier), Mrs. Chio Matsudo (sons Brison and Bright), and Mrs. Dariann Fernandez (son Kyler).  We would like to note that many of the reviewers have been doing this for many years, and we really cannot thank them enough.  The RAP program is also fortunate to have the time and energy of Mrs. Flourence Perez, Mrs. Mary Go and Mrs. Anne Lee.  These volunteers helped to collect and distribute RAP reports and prizes every month and posted RAP reports on the bulletin board and the web so that we may better highlight our students’ hard work.  Finally, we would like to thank Mrs. Joyce Yoshimoto, better described as the glue that kept the RAP program together for so many years with her love for the RAP program and tireless support for the teachers, reviewers and volunteers who were willing to work with her to help our students achieve a 100% participation rate!

If you are a parent or community member who strongly believe in encouraging kids to read for enjoyment and success – please email us at rap@moanaluapto.org.  We are looking for reviewers who are willing to give up a couple of hours each month to read through our hardworking students’ RAP reports.  This is flexible work that can be done at home but need to be completed over a weekend.  We are also looking for volunteers to keep the many parts of this program moving – from copying and distributing RAP coupons, and posting and taking down reports on the bulletin board.  We are also looking for people with experience with excel spreadsheets and mail merging, especially at the beginning and the end of the school year as we try to print out certificates and set up new class records for data entry.  Finally, because not every young reader is lucky enough to have a regular RAP partner, we would like to start a program where parent volunteers can serve as a RAP partner once a month, read to a class and help students finish their RAP reports.  If you are interested in any of these projects and/or have any questions about the program, please email us at rap@moanaluapto.org.

Thank you again for supporting our program with your interest and participation.  Be sure to find something fun to read this summer!  We look forward to working with you again next school year!