March RAP

Springtime is here!  Hope you all had a great Spring Break and holidays.  Our numbers have fallen for the month of March.  We had only 518 students (80%) participating in RAP.  That meant that 131 students did not participate.  To top it off only 5 classes had 100% participation.  There were two classes who missed by 2 and 4 classes who missed by 3.  A whopping 17 classes had 4 or more students not participating.  What are the reasons for that??

  • The five classes who had 100% are:  Grade PS/K, Room K5 (Ms. Wong) and K4 (Mrs. Muraoka); Grade 1, Room A2 (Mrs. Goo); Grade 2, Room B3 (Mrs. Imai); and Grade 3, Room A8 (Mrs. Kiriu).
  • Classes who missed by 2 are:  Grade 1, Room A3 (Mrs. Shiroma) and Grade 4, Room B8 (Ms. Gamiao).
  • Classes who missed by 3 are:  Grade 1, Room A5 (Mrs. Lau);  Grade 4, Room B10 (Mrs. Fujiwara); Grade 5, Room A6 (Mrs. Isaacs); and Grade 6, Room P2 (Mrs. Pontes).

There is only one more month of RAP.  Parents please encourage your children to do their RAP.  We want to go out with a bang!